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  • Super Fire Hybrids Seeds and Clones
    Super Fire Hybrids Seeds and Clones
    Hybrid Fresno (California) April 19, 2019
    We have a New Super Hybrid Strain we created from 4 killer strains that has 22%+ THC levels and huge yields of very frosty potent flowers! MOM: GSC x Purple Haze x Animal Cookies crossed with MALE: Nitro Cookies to create "PURPLE NITRO COOKIES" 10 pa...
  • Super Fire Clones
    Super Fire Clones
    General / Multiple Strains Fresno (California) June 6, 2019
    We are longtime growers of only high quality strains and use only organic nutrients and natural pesticides. All Pest Free, Mold Free. Our patients know and trust us and keep coming back. If you need medical quality cannabis clones for this year's gro...
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